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Thank you for your support!

The “Peter and Hook” concert drew many wonderful reviews. On behalf of the school, we want to thank all that came to give their full support for the show.

‘I think overall the concert is great … 8/10. I don’t see other schools can perform something like Pelita. Great job.’  Mr. A

‘Dance choreographed was beautiful. Spot-on choice of actors. Fighting scene was really fun to watch. Can’t say enough good things! Each one of you should be proud of your effort.’ Mrs. Y


‘Peter and Hook’ is an adaptation of the Peter Pan stories.
Borrowing ideas from J M Barrie’s books ‘Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens’ and ‘Peter and Wendy’, we bring you a sequel-of-sorts about the boy-who-won’t-grow-up and his nemesis Captain Hook!
With Lost Boys, mermaids and pirates in the mix, this play hopes to showcase the versatility of Pelita International School students and staff.

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