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  1. Esther Chuah (Sri Pelita F5, 2005)
    Michigan Technological University, 2011, summa cum laude. Esther took Computer Science as a degree with a minor in Art. She is currently working in America as a programmer for Epic Systems, in Wisconsin.

  2. Low Wee Wern (Sri Pelita F5, 2007)
    Malaysia National Squash Player;
    World Ranking No.13;
    2010 Asian Games Gold Medallist;
    2010 World Open Quarter-Finalist;
    2010 Seoul Open Finalist

  3. Joel Soo (Sri Pelita F3, 2007)
    2010 – Studying in the British International School of Jakarta.

    “After spending nine years of my student life at Sri Pelita, I have come to realise that this school is special to me because it is a school where bullying is non-existent. A school where teachers are also friends. It is a school where students do not care about where you come from. A school that is culturally diverse. That’s what makes Sri Pelita special to me.”

  4. Sharon Low (Sri Pelita F5, 2005)
    2010 – Graduated from Bond University, Australia with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing). Will further studies to pursue a masters in Accounting.

    “Sri Pelita is so special to me because it changed my pathway of life to a better future ;)”

  5. Janice (Sri Pelita F5, 2005)
    2010 – At KBU International College in Kuala Lumpur, studying BA (hons) Interior Architecture and Design.

    “Sri Pelita is special because the teachings cater to different needs of individual students and it is always fun in learning! It feels like home!”

  6. Kristen Khong (Sri Pelita F5, 2005)
    2010 – Studying Bachelor of Arts (Animation & Interactive Media) at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia.

    “Sri Pelita is where I spent the 5 years of my life growing up to who I am today. I will forever remember the memories that I’ve made and seen at the school where me and everyone else can be truly ourselves.”

  7. Sarah Chew (Sri Pelita K6, 2003)
    2010 – In Shah Alam doing A Levels in International Education Center (INTEC), UiTM, under the PSD scholarship.

    “Sri Pelita definitely had many more field trips and projects than any other school I attended. It also provided a conducive platform for us to excel in both academics and the arts, with its many dance and music programs and performances. I especially remember the mental cognition activity which taught me the importance of self-reflection.”

  8. Rachel Louis, (Sri Pelita F5, 2009)
    2010 – Studying A-Levels at Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Singapore

    “A place to develop myself in all aspects through a strong foundation of holistic learning and to gain important friendships that would last a lifetime:)”

  9. Simone Camy (Sri Pelita F5, 2008)
    2010 – Studying in KDU college, diploma in Mass Communications.

    “Sri Pelita holds a big spot in my heart. It is where all my memories are. I pretty much grew up in this school. The environment was cozy, and most of all, the people made me feel comfortable. I learnt a lot from being in Sri Pelita, and i did improve in some areas in my studies. Sri Pelita really was a great experience for me, and it’ll always be in my memories. :)”

  10. Daniel (Sri Pelita 2005)
    Private Equity Analyst, Hong Kong
    International Business, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2011

  11. Hawke (Sri Pelita 2004)
    Entrepreneur, Semi-Conductor Tooling Design, China
    Advertising, University of Nebraska, USA, 2010

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