Hin Bus Depot

The school will be taking students from Year 9 to Year 10 to Hin Bus Depot for a fantastic art workshop. This trip is part of the school’s programme to develop the students’ creativity as well as their appreciation of art in a different context.

This year, the art workshop will concentrate on the theme of “Relationshift” where students will explore human interaction with various things through art. Students will be looking at art creativity from a totally different perspective.  The students as a whole will be presenting a conceptual piece.

Below are the details:                                                                          

Date :  12th April 2016 (Tuesday)

Venue :  Hin Bus Depot, 31A Jalan Gudwara, Penang. 

Time : 9:30am – 3.30pm   

Dress code: Pelita house colours.

Successful Musical Play

Well done students, staff and teachers for another successful musical play. We applaud your talents and are encouraged by your great teamwork to produce such  brilliant display of music, dances, songs and fine acting.

The Machine is an original musical play written by the teachers of Pelita International School. A man is whisked out of his time to cater to the nefarious plans of an evil scientist, who wants to use his machine to take ownership of Penang, and eventually the world. Delving into the pages of history to retrieve famous figures of the past, this musical play showcases Penang’s rich history and culture.

We would like to hear from the audience regarding the Concert: The Machine. So kindly leave your comments by clicking this link.